Car Services

Oil Change
Change your vehicle's motor oil using full synthetic oil, synthetic blend, or high mileage motor oil, depending on your vehicle
Miles Schedule Service
A regular service schedule can help keep your car running it’s best
Engine Tune Up
Service requirements vary from vehicle to vehicle, and can also vary based on vehicle mileage and age. You can find a vehicle manufacturer-recommended schedule for tune-ups and other maintenance in your vehicle owner’s manual,
Tire service and tire repair for your vehicle. From rotations and balancing to flat repair we do it all
Tires are balanced in factories and repair shops by two methods: static balancers and dynamic balancers. Tires with high unbalance forces are downgraded or rejected. When tires are fitted to wheels at the point of sale, they are measured again on a balancing machine, and correction weights are applied to counteract the combined effect of the tire and wheel unbalance. After sale, tires may be rebalanced if driver perceives excessive vibration. Balancing is not to be confused with wheel alignment
Servicing your vehicle's alignment increases tire life and decreases cost to you in the long run
Have your next brake service expertly performed at a EuroAvant. Offering brake pad replacement, rotor repair, and free brake inspections
The suspension system itself encompasses the tires, shock absorbers, and links between the car and its wheels. Suspension car repairs can include anything from strut or shock replacement to wheel alignment
Air Condition
UBER Inspection
LIFT Inspection
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LIFT Inspection